PoV: In Life We Always Face Tests

In life we always face tests.

Some as simple as what one plus one equals and some as complex as to how to mend a relationship with someone that you were really close to. With every test you’re given a problem and must go on the quest to discover the solution. Some may say that obtaining the solution is what makes the difference in mastering the test, but I believe it’s the process that we go through to find the solution that shows the TRUE mastery of the test itself! In plainest terms, when we go through obstacles in life, in order to get to the break-though we are seeking, we must realize several things: it does not occur overnight, it’s a process, and that there is something to be learned that will provide the solution you need to overcome what you’re going through.

I can speak on this because right now I’m going through a test and although I’ve had test in the past, it seems like each test gets harder and harder to master. But the beauty of it all is that I have a guide that always steps in and reveals to me what I like to call pointers in order to master my tests. He goes by the name of Jesus! Some call him their Bright and Morning Star, some even say he’s their Lily of the Valley, but to me he’s my Peace, Joy, Love, Happiness… simply put my HE’S MY EVERYTHING!! He always steps in when I get close to aborting my test and gives me the strength I need to sustain thru it!!!

So brothers and sisters reading remember this- You can past whatever test you encounter because “greater is HE that is in YOU than HE that is in the world! (1 John 4:4)” Be blessed and encouraged and reach that 100% score of MASTERY!

–Lakia Lewis
**P.O.V is a series of thought provoking articles written by friends, family and freelance writers..and sometimes by me.


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