PoV: Going Too Far?

We have advanced so much with regard to technology that it can be viewed upon as a blessing and a curse.

From My Space to Facebook and Instagram to Snapchat, social media is just going too far. I am quite sure the social media sites or apps were created for a good purpose; however, I am so tired of seeing females downgrade themselves for likes. Is this what we have come to? We are letting a picture, which can be altered define beauty. I guess no one cares about how what they post can affect potential job offerings. I just believe that certain things should be kept private and not posted at all. If you look back at the photo 20 years from now, would you have any regrets? I am at the point where they could remove all the social media sites and I would be just fine.

Has social media gone too far?

**P.O.V is a series of thought provoking articles written by friends, family and freelance writers…and sometimes by me. 


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