PoV: Forgive & Forget…Should You Apply Both?

I am quite sure that everyone has heard the famous line, sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me.

As we progress in life, we find out that things can hurt and at times we carry the pain for a while. The one thing that some may see as small can impact us physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually when we allow it. Forgiveness is a powerful tool that actually helps you. As maturity sets in, you realize that forgiveness is not even about the other party. Holding in the hurt, pain, or anger blocks you from progressing to where you need to be in life. I have learned that hurt or pain will occur more than once in my lifetime; however, the key to recovery for me is how I choose to deal with it. I choose to forgive, but I don’t forget the actions that were done unto me. One may think than that is not “real” forgiveness. My thought is to forgive the involved party, but deal with him or her from a different perspective.

For example, I would likely not share my secrets and so forth. I still will hold a conversation with you, but I know my limits.   This is because I did not forget what brought us to this point in our relationship. I forgive because I am learning the average person causes pain to another person because of their own pain. Yes, misery loves company and I choose not to be kept in that painful company. I choose to be free; therefore, I forgive.

Do you need to forget in order to apply forgiveness?

**P.O.V is a series of thought provoking articles written by friends, family and freelance writers..and sometimes by me.


What’s Your Addiction?

Anyone who knows me, know that I love shoes!

Scratch that.. If there was (or is) a word greater than love to describe my affinity for shoes then it will be that.

For me, shoes are THE introduction. It tells me who you are and your style.

While this addiction may seem subtle – unfortunately, like most addictions – it can truly become expensive. But since this is a blog and for the most part I plan on keeping it light, here are a couple pairs of my addiction.

Here are a couple of my addictions…


So, I want to know, what’s your addiction?


PoV: My Purpose, My Life

How many times have you asked yourself, “What is my purpose here?” The truth of the matter is that you are not alone when it comes to that simple yet agonizing and thought provoking process of defining your meaning. There are countless overwhelming concerns and issues (Unemployment, Foreclosures, HIV/AIDS, Global Warming, New President, etc.) that bombard your life on a daily basis and would have you to believe that there is no hope for your manifested purpose. The problem is not your life that impedes you from operating within purpose; it’s how you deal with the circumstances that life present.

With years of life experiences, productive collaborations, sincere meditation, and God’s guidance, this prolific tool of comprehensive yet practical nine steps and life changing insight has been created for you to apologetically live life on purpose. Receive the knowledge and tools but never neglect the application. Without application, all you possess is an impressive trophy to gain approval and accolades from the crowd but an empty, useless, mundane, and inconsistent life lacking purpose. The following nine steps serve as a beacon of hope to change the course of your life.

1. Reflect, Regroup, Refocus, Renew– You have experienced tremendous setbacks, overwhelming defeats, enjoyable days, dreadful nights, enormous successes, painful rejections, unforgettable failures, and remarkable opportunities. However, before you do another thing, take the time to reflect, regroup, refocus, and renew. Life situational overload will cause major spiritual retardation, mental disorder, psychological imbalance, and a physical breakdown. Give yourself a chance to evaluate what has transpired within your life so that you are aware of what was beneficial and what was ineffective. Accelerating forward and appearing always occupied does not reflect success and fulfillment. Taking time to learn lessons and gathering facts will bring forth a balance, renewed strength, endurance, authority, and wisdom.

2. Develop The Ultimate Relationship– A genuine relationship with God first and with other individuals that have common goals and thoughts second are the keys that unlock the door of blessings, miracles, and guidance towards manifesting purpose. God desires to have a relationship with you so that He can guide and direct you into all truth. He also desires you to be in fellowship with those that you see everyday. The relationship that He has with you should not be based upon fear, routine, ignorance or obligation. God desires more of you and less of the routine of religious dogma and doctrine. God desires to be a close friend, provider and guider into truth and understanding. The individuals that are assigned to journey with you on the course towards destiny are revealed through a bona-fide connection with God. Don’t travel alone.

3. Be You– Be you and not someone or something else that you perceive to be greater than you. Wear the clothes that are in your closet. Your feet are unique to you, so lace up your boots and walk towards your passion and purpose. After God shaped and formed you He broke the mold. There is only one of you. Even if you are a twin, you may look and dress alike, like the same food, walk the same way, and like the same colors however; your personality, gifts, talents, and abilities are different.You were created and formed to fulfill an assignment to make a major contribution on earth on behalf of God. You were not created, saved, rescued from trouble, and healed of sickness and distress just to be someone else. If you begin to love you unconditionally you will begin to form an unconditional love for life and each experience associated.

4. Never F.E.A.R– Fabricated Enlightenment Accepted as Reality (FEAR) has held you captive within the comfort of your routine existence. You have remained in the past, never to reach the present and aborting your future because you have allowed F.E.A.R to regulate and preside over your life. The enemy uses the deception of F.E.A.R to intimidate you from manifesting passion and purpose. Once you discover that your F.E.A.R is merely the shadow of negative thoughts and emotions, generated by outside circumstances and ideas, you can free yourself from the limited beliefs you have placed upon life.

5. Identify Passion– Understanding and awareness gives you a sense of clarity and direction of concentration. If you are not focused or have become perplexed and indecisive concerning who you are or what you desire in life, you run the risk of being your own personal hindrance towards growth and producing positive outcomes. The question that you must answer is, “What do you like to do that is significant and beneficial to you and others?”

6. Think B.I.G– It is critical that you think Beyond Ignorant Gibberish. The mind is a powerful mechanism that can either launch you upward towards life’s passion and purpose or downward towards defeat and death. In society, limits are always set upon you based on your culture, religion, gender, financial status, and background. What others say or think of you and what you can achieve is none of your business. Don’t allow the hatred and issues of others to hinder you from moving forward.

7. Develop The Attitude Of Gratitude– Life’s issues and circumstances have placed you on a journey descending towards distress and despair as you complain and nourish F.E.A.R which is the enemy of faith. You have become so consumed with what is wrong that you are no longer grateful for what is going well in your life. The key area in living prosperous and productive is having an attitude of gratitude. This is a conscious decision intended to recognize the blessings in your life never mind the factual uncomfortable circumstances. Authentic gratefulness coupled with an appreciative heart is what’s true and non-conditional.

8. Embrace Failure– It is your life’s stumbles and non-working ideas that force you to travel down a different road of completion and achievement. Errors have a useful function in life; they tell you when to change direction, current location, opinions, and association. When things are going smoothly, you generally don’t think about them. That is because you function on a negative alerting system before you focus on a particular situation. Wisdom is gained and lessons are learned through painful experiences, mistakes, and failed situations.

9. Don’t Stop – Get It– Life will present obstacles and circumstances that seem insurmountable to manage. Your enemy has an assignment to distract you from fulfilling your passion and purpose on earth. If your passion and purpose fell to manifest, you become unproductive and frustrated. Combat the enemy with your strength to endure through hardship, pain, rejection, sorrow, and failure. Do all that you can do within your God given power and authority until something momentous happens. Allow the finish line of intention and reward of execution to stay within focus so that you are not fooled by the superficial deceptions of failure and rejection that the enemy uses as a weapon intended for your death.

–Dion L. Davis, CEO and Visionary
**P.O.V is a series of thought provoking articles written by friends, family and freelance writers..and sometimes by me.